#ColumbusEats: The Whitney House

Let me tell you about a fabulous brunch experience: though it doesn’t actually open officially until Tuesday, The Whitney House in Worthington was open for trial runs this weekend. With an expansive menu of creative twists on traditional brunch cuisine, this place is definitely worth checking out. I had the challah french toast, which came with apple butter and maple syrup, as well as bacon. My husband had the brunch farrotto–a savory risotto style farro with asparagus and drizzled pomegranate glaze. Both were exceptional. Their Whitney Mimosa, a champagne and pair nectar infused cocktail, was off the charts.

The restaurant is lit by minimalist Edison lights and the decor is straight out of Brooklyn. The kitchen is open for anyone who would like to gander at their food being made and the chef, Max, and proprietor, Ian, were both out asking how their dishes were and asking for suggestions on future courses.

Overall, one of the best brunches, for an incredibly reasonable price, I’ve had–in Columbus or otherwise. I’d highly suggest checking them out after they open December 9th.







Can you have a midlife crisis at 26…because I’m totally having a midlife crisis at 26

When you think of midlife crises, you think of old dudes and sports cars, divorcing their wives hoping for a younger model (which they seldom get, just saying). You don’t think of a mid-twenties (hey, I’m holding onto mid twenties as long as I can!) girl, well-educated, with a decent job and a husband who loves her. You just…don’t.

But I can’t escape the anxiety that this is all there is. And that’s terrifying to me. I expected that getting married would mean my life was figured out, that I was done. I just never really expected what that would mean. I love my husband…I just don’t want what inevitably comes next: children. I have a decent job–at least money-wise–that I nevertheless despise. I’m getting another Masters degree, because dammit I need more options, more opportunities. But what if this is just all there is?

That thought is terrifying. My life is now mapped: wedding, kids, PTA, soccer, retirement, death. IT IS MY NIGHTMARE. My whole life has been about rolling with the punches, taking every opportunity that’s come up, living a life that’ll make my grandchildren jealous. My life was a movie until two years ago, when I met a man who I knew within three weeks of meeting I would marry. My life has been planned ever since, and I don’t know how I feel about that. I can’t tell my husband, he’ll think I’m unhappy with our marriage, I can’t just take off and abandon our home. I’m stuck.

The more I finally allow myself to realize just how stuck I am, the quicker the waves of anxiety wash over me, but never really ebb. I’m trapped. I’m trapped by my love for a man who I want to spend my life with, and I’m trapped working a terrible job in order to pay off student loans that I shouldn’t even have (thanks, TFA), and I’m stuck with a future I never wanted. These types of issues can’t be fixed by a new sports car, or running off to Brazil with a male model. Somewhere along the way I have to grin and bear it, and maybe, just maybe, this mapped out future won’t be all there is.

Until then, I’m going to go back to being the happy wife with the good job, nice car, and adorable fur babies. FML.