Here’s a piece from my other blog that I plan to blog about on here as well. Yay for joining the two websites!

Originally posted on Faith in Real Life:

So I was trying to find blogs on being more sustainable (especially in light of this news I found today)  a couple weeks ago and came across a few blogs talking about pledges to be more ec0-friendly and save some money, and finally found an actual how-to on the subject. Thrift Core has an actual how-to list on creating a pledge not to buy anything new for a year. So, I was thinking of what better way to consolidate my life?

So, for the next year (well, technically starting from June 1, 2012) I am pledging not to buy anything new to work on becoming more sustainable, and hopefully working back to  being a Zero Carbon Footprint house.

As with everything, there are a few exceptions:

  1. I’ll be a teacher for the next two years, so if I have to buy something new for my kids, I will.
  2. What…

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